From the old style to the latest hits, Irish dances, fights and chases... A journey through time for a truly unique fitness class!

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What is the Country Fitness?

Country Fitness is a new way to be fit condense together some of the easiest steps of the Line dance with the aerobics' choreography. In this way the Country Fitness invents a new style to entertain and keep you healthy. High and low aerobic, coordination, resistance, tone up and stretching, life combat and chases movements, couple dance and Irish dances, are a journey through the steps of the Country music.


Every song has its own choreography, which is prepared following the international steps of aerobic and the common exercise of tone up, a mix of movements that fits everyone. The formula of pre-choreography it's easy to learn and to teach. The course manual will be given for every session of the training.


Become Country Fitness trainer!


You can teach the Country Fitness in your Gym! Learn and train it is easy and amusing. During the courses you will get the manual and the final certificate that will allow you to teach the entire program.


The Country Fitness lesson develop with 10 songs, each of them will stimulate a specific part of the body:


  • Cardio
  • Coordination
  • Force
  • Resistence
  • Balance
  • Agility and reflexs
  • Competition
  • Stretching and relax


The goals of the lesson are:


  • Fun
  • Improve body movement and exercise skills
  • Slimming and toning
  • Learn something new about popular music


The choreographies are easy and new, will give you fun and they will be high trainers.




  • Training lesson
  • Overview of the Country Music and the Country dance
  • Aerobic and Country steps
  • The lesson
  • The space
  • Position
  • Stretching and toning
  • The trainer




  • Manual
  • Lesson schedule
  • Audio and video
  • Certificate